Organiithe first specialized biological cosmetics company in Portugal. With the help of other brands that are based in the same principles, we found the best that nature has to offer our skin.

We both grew up in an environment that respected nature and our body’s natural needs. My skin has always been extremely sensitive, and it was normal to have allergic reactions to the most common products.

While studying Pharmaceutical Sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was clear to me that my lifestyle could have a significant improvement if I made changes in my food habits and the cosmetics I used – both with significant impacts in our health.

Rita’s background is different, she studied Architecture, but I managed to get her in the bio-world – our friends even gave us a pet name “bio-freaks” (which we actually love, don’t tell them!).

In 2008, our desire to take care of ourselves evolved to the desire of taking care of others.


Rita and I realized that it was our mission to share this healthy lifestyle with other people, helping them reduce the level of daily exposure to chemicals that harm our body. In doing so, we would be helping others improve their lifestyle but mostly, their quality of life. So Organii was born. 

Our body is the most precious gift we have. It is what allows us a direct access to the world, and if we are a result of nature, it made sense that we would find in it the care we need to fight our weaknesses – just like I did with my overly sensitive skin. However, and since we are not all the same, Organiistrives to be fully informed about the last studies and discoveries on biological cosmetics from international specialists, in order to provide answers to the largest number of people.


Most common products we use have chemicals that are developed way beyond what the nature can offer us… naturally. That is why expelling them is an additional effort for the body. We, atOrganii, offer you only the products that your skin will understand, simply because Nature really does understand our skin.


Please take this exercise with me

Think about products you use daily: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, hair spray or some sort of hair product for split ends, sun screen, makeup or shaving products, hand cream, lip balm, etc. We all have different habits and different needs, but we all use a good number of products in our bodies daily.

Now imagine that these products are not really addressing your needs, solving them nor making you healthier.
Actually, they are doing exactly the opposite. Imagine they are, instead, fighting against your body, making it work harder to expel them from your system. You know what? No need to imagine, because this is exactly what happens every day.


When it comes to cosmetics, we reject everything that comes from petroleum and other synthetic products. We only use natural products biologically grown, and that are a match to each person’s individual needs. This is a concern that is extensive and applicable to the products in the Organii Baby. For the baby clothing articles we use only biological cotton or merino wool dyed with certified dyes, reusable dippers or biodegradable disposable ones, baby carry-ons are ergonomic and toys are ecological.

If Nature thought about everything, all that is left for us to do is to think about it too.


One of the things that has motivated us up until now is the thought that each person that comes acquainted withOrganii, also becomes aware of the bio world concept we have and share. Today we have access to different cultures from around the world and all this information helps us make decisions. With Organii we try to create a simple idea, bring voice to nature, teach and show others how nature already has a balanced answer for the most common questions.

With Organii we try to create a simple idea, translate nature, teach and show people that nature has the most balanced solution to the most common issues

Through our stores in Lisbon, Porto and Madrid we find a privileged sharing environment, but we now want to go further and share our Nature, Bio and Eco awareness with the world, allowing it to gain as much space and relevance as possible.
In this journey we have been taking with friends, brands, partners and clients that share the same worldview of a bio-world, we embrace the honesty and authenticity of a world where people, animals and plants can actually live in harmony.

We strongly believe that there is still a lot to do. New discoveries happen every day, which allows us to improve our products. It is our goal to keep up with this constant evolution and keep our consumers informed and updated.


It warms our hearts to know that, thanks to Organii, there are more and more people interested in respecting nature and benefiting from it in a sustainable way, making the most of its benefits.

If we give Nature the respect its natural growth processes deserve, Nature will thank us by giving us back its very best.


Cátia e Rita